And we’re off…

I’ve been a long time reader of many a blog, mostly the family variety but I love a good design blog. Oh, and I love a good cooking blog too! I’d like to think I have some things to share with the world so let’s give this whole blog thing a go!

I’ve had a couple false starts as real life, everyday stuff gets in the way of the things we would like to do, as it should and as it shouldn’t, I suppose. But my family, my husband and my children, are my priority these days. And that’s as it should be. We live in New England, Massachusetts to be exact, but we’re transplanted upstate New Yorkers. We’re not entirely at home yet in New England, but there are so many things to love here. We’re trying to enjoy what comes our way. My husband and I have been long time home bodies. Our home space is important to us and I’m realizing how important it is to our children. We’ve lived in many different places but it wasn’t until we packed up only what would fit in two cars and headed to Santa Fe, New Mexico back in 2008. I was about 6 months pregnant at that time and a total mess. I cried like a baby as I left my mother. We had spent the summer in New York with our families, and before that we had been living in Virginia. My husband had received a fellowship to complete his dissertation in Santa Fe. We knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up, as jobs in his field of academia are few and far between. We knew we could use all the help we could get and this fellowship may be the leg up he needed. We were right. More on our life in New Mexico to come in a later post. After less than a year in New Mexico, we found out he had been offered a job in Massachusetts. We were thrilled to be coming back east closer to our family in New York. After a short time in New England we found ourselves homesick for both New Mexico and New York and overall feeling quite displaced, and our 9 month in tow. I quickly realized that I had to make a home for us just as I had in our other stops along our journey. I wasn’t sure how long we’d be here, but I committed myself to making our home wherever we were: physically and emotionally. And so it begins…well it continues, anyway!


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