A shared room

Since my kids share a room, and now that sister girl is in her crib the whole night (notice I didn’t say sleeping through the night), I’ve been working on trying to make the room work for a boy and a girl. Manny’s getting ready to switch from his toddler bed to a big(ger) boy bed. Since he is already a “big boy”, he didn’t take kindly to me saying that he would be getting a “big boy” bed soon. My parents have a beautiful maple twin-sized bed that we will be bringing back with us after Easter weekend. I’ve been scouring Pinterest and local stores for ideas for bedding. Alas, we are pinching pennies as usual so I’m going to try to do the bed upgrade for under $50. More to come on that project next month. Nearly all of the things in their room are hand-me-downs, thrift finds, or were mine when I was little.

This tall maple dresser was mine growing up. I just love it, and I love that I now get to enjoy it in my children’s room.

My mother-in-law cross stitched the cute caterpillar sampler. The Mary Had A Little Lamb print is from Sarah Jane Studios. Her stuff is darling.

We found this dresser at an antiques store in downtown Holliston, MA. The blocks are from Uncle Goose and are a crowd favorite around here.

The doll bed and quilt were Christmas gifts from my parents for Ju Ju. The bed is a homemade, vintage find and my mom made the quilt.

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