Old quilts, and repurposing them

What’s more cozy than a quilt? I have a thing for both old and new. I found an old doll quilt a couple summers ago at an antiques show with my my mother-in-law. I hinted subtly (not so subtly) that I was in love with it, and she made me a copy of it. It hangs in the kid’s room over Manny’s bed. I’d like to think I’m a quilter but in truth I’m not that good. I’ve got the baby quilt down, but not without a lot of boo boos. I love the finished product but the process always makes me curse like a truck driver. It’s not pretty. Some would say the mistakes add to the charm. I say those that say that are probably also sloppy quilters, like me. I do think I would have a hard time cutting up an old quilt unless it was almost totally in tatters, but here are some lovlies from Pinterest and some ideas on what to do with old ones.

Source: etsy.com via Bridget on Pinterest

Source: kaboodle.com via Bridget on Pinterest


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