Playing house

Playing house was my most favorite thing to do as a child. I could play for hours and hours, and I rarely tired of it. I knew I wanted to do many things in my life: go to college, travel, have a career. But being a wife and a mother have always been my greatest aspiration. I guess I still love playing house because I get nostalgic every time I see something I would have gone bananas for as a kid. Two summers ago, I had the good fortune of finding this sweet little play kitchen for only $15 at a yard sale in town. From the day I brought this home, Milo was as in love with it as I was. He had a good 3 months where he played with almost nothing else. It’s solid wood and was made by a company in Holyoke, MA which is unfortunately no longer in business. I’ll look forward to many more years of watching these little ones playing house in our own home.


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