Spring Fever

Oh, yeah, I’ve got it bad! With two amazingly beautiful days in a row, I’m really itching for spring and praying that this weather is here to stay. We were outside for 3 1/2 hours Monday and for about 2 hours Tuesday. Spring in New England is different than spring in Virginia. The blooms are not as a dramatic and the grass isn’t as green, but it is a welcome change of season. Blooming on the side of the house is a bunch of crocus that Manny has to visit each day. Yesterday he bent down close to them and sweetly said, “I love you flowers!”. It was precious. I feel the same. The daffodils are ready to go any minute, and the tulips are about halfway up. Here are some of my favorite things about spring…

1. Vegetable gardens. Are these amazing or what? I wish I could claim them as my own, but they are Pinterest finds meant to inspire me to keep watering my seedlings and get some sort of fence set up to keep out the always adorable, perpetually hungry bunnies that live out back.

2. Skirts and dresses for sister girl and me. Although I’m not eager to show off my lack of a tan, I can’t wait show off Ju Ju’s chubby little legs. They are the cutest!

I’ve been drooling over this Boden dress for about a month!

Source: bodenusa.com via Bridget on Pinterest

From Mini Boden:

Source: bodenusa.com via Bridget on Pinterest

3. Goodbye heavy bedding! This room looks so light and fresh.

Source: google.com via Bridget on Pinterest

4. I scream, you scream…yep, ice cream time! I’m like 6 years old when it comes to ice cream. I cannot stop myself.

Source: etsy.com via Bridget on Pinterest

5. Dining al fresco!

Source: weheartit.com via Jamie on Pinterest


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