Pillowcase dresses

Have you heard of these? Maybe you even had a couple as a little girl. They are darling dresses, originally made from old pillowcases. These days, people make them from all different kinds of material. I came across these dresses from Hanna Andersson. I adore Hanna Anndersson but felt like $28 was just a little too much to spend on a dress I was certain I could whip up myself in no time for a fraction of the cost.

I’m hopeless when it comes to patterns. They make my head spin. I’m so much better at winging it. After checking a few different places via Pinterest and the web, I took one of sister girl’s dresses in an 18-24 month size, and put together one, then two, then three pillowcase dresses. This is my third made with lemon fabric from JoAnn. I figure I was able to make this dress for about $6.

The possibilities are endless in terms of ways to switch them up, make them plain or fancy. My favorite kind of project: get to use pretty fabric in lots of colors and it comes together quickly. Can’t wait to see sister girl in it…that is, if she doesn’t grow right out of it before the real warm weather comes!


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