My parents always made it look easy

Going to the grocery store can seem like such a chore somedays. My parents always made it look easy. They had six kids, not two like me. They never complained about having to drag us all out to the grocery store, and I don’t remember having any gigantic two seater cart that would have certainly made their life easier. For a time in our life, there were the six of us, three other children for whom my parents were the legal guardians, and an exchange student from Switzerland. Truth. I think many people in the town I grew up in might have thought my parents were a little crazy. But I think that many of them were a bit envious at how effortless it seemed for them. Sure, they struggled behind closed doors and had their fair share of worry and anxiety. Most people including their own children never saw it. On my weak days, I channel those trips to the grocery store from my childhood when I start to grumble about having to do something I feel is difficult in the moment. I tell myself it’s not that hard. That my parents did it with three times as many kids as me. Then I feel better. Today, I’m thankful for these two little nuggets who make my life simultaneously harder and so, so much better. XOXO


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