Storing and displaying children’s artwork

Am I the only one who feels tremendous guilt for throwing out or recycling my child’s artwork? Why is this so difficult for me? I keep most of what Manny makes at home and at preschool but there’s a good chunk that ends up in the recycling bin. I feel guilty even confessing it…my child’s artwork, curbside with plastic yogurt cups and empty tomato cans? But what’s a mother to do? I certainly can’t keep everything, or can I? Most of what he makes gets hung by our chalkboard in the kitchen and I rotate it out. I’ve been trying to come up with a system for saving the most special things. Mostly it’s in a big pile next to the toaster until I get so tired of walking past the mountain that I decide to finally sort it out. I spent some of the weekend attempting to do just this. Our house is small cozy so we don’t have a ton of room to work with. I took a trip to Ikea this weekend. I found a bargain easel that is now set up in our living room. Manny spent hours playing with it. More on this to come later in the week.

I’m collecting ideas for a better system than the one we have. Here’s some inspiration from Pinterest. How about you? How do you display your child’s artwork?


Source: via Bridget on Pinterest

Source: via Bridget on Pinterest


2 thoughts on “Storing and displaying children’s artwork

  1. Melissa says:

    i feel the same way! i have an under bed box in Mikayla’s room with a ton of stuff in it- but i have heard the idea of taking pictures of the artwork and making photobooks with the pictures- i need to do that some day!

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