The bag

Every family has one: the bag that everything goes in. Mostly ours stays in the car so we don’t forget it, and so that we can have what we need at all times. My husband thinks I overpack for trips but he’s glad when I can pull whatever it is we need out at any moment. I recently upgraded to a bigger bag. I hardly used a “baby” bag when Manny was very little but now with two kids, it seemed a bigger bag was the way to go. I got a Vera Bradley Miller bag which was a bit of a splurge for me. All the pockets make it perfect for carrying everything I need. I’ve just reorganized everything for the spring. What’s inside? I know, I know, you’re dying to know!!! Well, I’m glad you asked!
-a change of clothes for each kid
-snacks (squeezable fruit, granola bars, peanuts, fruit strips, Cheerios, emergency juice box)
-re-usable plastic utensils for the kids, and a couple disposable spoons
-a very small boo-boo kit
-a lightweight blanket
-a burpcloth
-a reusable bib
-a silicone table cover for restaurants
-hand santizer
-a nursing cover
-a few toys for Sister Girl

What have I forgotten? What’s in your bag?


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