Easter re-cap, finally!

Easter re-cap was delayed a bit because someone, who shall remain nameless, left the cord to upload pictures in New York. My sweet mom mailed it back to us so here we go!

Manny still had the stomach bug and that made for an interesting ride home. I’ll leave it at that and let you decide whether or not you want to imagine what may or may not have happened on our 5 hour drive to the Finger Lakes. Moving on. He was thrilled to get there as were we. Jim’s parent are still in Hawaii and so my family got Manny and Sister Girl all to themselves. We missed seeing them but it was kind of nice to not have to go back and forth between houses all weekend long. Manny was overdue for a haircut. My mom owns a salon with my sister in town so we both got the royal treatment, although one of us was less than excited to be in the beauty chair. I, on the other hand, was happy to sit back and get rid of all my grays!

My lovely sister-in-law Sara, planned an adorable Easter egg hunt at her mom’s house. My nephews Declan and Emory were there, and so was Sara’s cute little niece Genevieve. It was sunny, and a little brisk but that didn’t slow down these egg hunters!

My sweet, smart, and adorable nephew Emory. Such a love bug!

Genny and Declan looking high and low.

We made a point to get to one of our favorite restaurants, and site of our second date, Uncle Joe’s. It’s a Geneva, NY institution. The kids were squirrelly by the time dinner came but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. On the way back to my parent’s house, we stopped at Mr. Twistees, another Geneva institution which had just opened for the season. In the car, a Motley Crew song came on the radio and I had a flash back to my youth. Then I looked around and realized I was in my mini-van sitting between my two children, my husband at the wheel. I was right where I belong, but I found the situation a little strange nontheless!

My mom made these pretty cookies.

Sunday we woke up early and found the bunny had in fact found us! Both kids were thrilled to find their treasures.

We headed to church for Easter.

We had brunch at my parent’s house with everybody.

A little sidewalk chalking with cousins.

We made a quick stop to see Jim’s brother, his wife, and their little girl Tessa on our way out of town. Tess is only 2 months younger than Ju Ju. It’s fun to see the girl’s together.

And then we hit the road back to Massachusetts. Leaving is always difficult because Manny usually cries and so does my mom, and that breaks my heart. He loves being there and so do I. It was a packed long weekend but it was so good to see all my family. Happy (late) Easter everyone!


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