Weekend wrap-up, Earth Day

Hello homebodies! Happy (late) Earth Day! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had amazingly nice weather on Friday and Saturday so we spent some time outdoors. We headed over to the Ecotarium in Worcester where there was a big Earth Day celebration going on, as well as half price admission. It was our first trip there. I was surprised at how expansive the place was with so much to do! A fun time was had by all.

My tree hugging boy…

Sister Girl still isn’t crawling and all she wants to do is stand on everything! I learned this weekend that I never crawled and went straight to walking, not sure how I didn’t know that before. Maybe she just wants to show off the cutest little legs I’ve ever seen…

Sunday rained most of the day but I was thankful for it. It seemed fitting for Earth Day since we were in such need of a good long rainy day. I made a solo trip to the grocery store (woo to the hoo!), cleaned, did some laundry, painted my toe nails, then cleaned some more. We really needed a rainy day. I no sooner got the toilet spic and span when the clips to my hair rollers as well as the basket they were in somehow ended up in the toilet. At least it was clean!

We heard some news Friday night that the baby boy of dear friends of ours was recently diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder. It means lots of medical interventions and a long road ahead of them. The news really hit me hard, of course not even close to how hard I know it is hitting his parents. I spent the rest of the weekend lifting up prayers for their family, and holding my own two little ones a bit closer. Kissing my own babies this week and being thankful for health and happiness.


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