Mother’s Day craft

So if you’re my mother or my mother-in-law, don’t read any further! Spoiler alert!

The kids and I spent a little time Thursday afternoon crafting up something cute for the grandmothers. I love hand and foot print art. To me it never gets old because it’s a memory of how big their hands and feet were at that moment in time. As mothers we spend hours and hours with those hands and feet: washing, holding, kissing. When my kids grow-up, I want to remember just how big those hands and feet were at various moments in time. I found this on Pinterest, but sadly it doesn’t have a link to the original post.

And here’s our version complete with this little poem I also found part of online, and then added to to make it more our own. I put them in an acrylic frame I bought from Michael’s. The poem says: “The pitter-patter of little feet, leave behind something dear and sweet. A precious treasure for you to keep, the memory of our little feet!”

I hope the grandmothers like them!


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