This t-shirt and other things to avoid this Mother’s Day

It’s the thought that counts. But there’s about a million other things I’d love to receive as a Mother’s Day gift than this shirt I saw on a rack at Walmart. I generally avoid the store as a rule but I had to go in for something and it was the only store open at such a late hour. I had to snap a picture of this horrendous, albeit, humorous t-shirt. It got me thinking, would someone really give that as a gift for Mother’s Day? Or is the type of gift one “bomb of a Mom” gives herself? Well, not this mom. Last year’s Mother Day was rather blah for me but I’ll keep the story to myself, because I think my dear husband learned an important lesson so no need to repeat it:) My sweet little boy, however, scored big points with a card our babysitter (also a mother) helped him make. He also made it a point to wish me Happy Mother’s Day right when he woke up, totally on his own. It was the highlight of the day. Then I started thinking, what other gifts are best avoided for Mother’s Day? Here’s my list:

Kitchen and household items

So your family needs a new vacuum? Sorry, Mother’s Day is not the occasion to buy one as a gift. I don’t care if it’s a Dyson. Don’t do it. We don’t want a new frying pan either.

A home cooked meal

Unless you can really cook, probably best to just take mom out to eat. A home cooked meal may sound wonderful, but she may be tempted to jump in and help cook it or clean up the mess afterward. Ask her where she would like to eat.

Slippers, pajamas, or socks

If we need any of these practical but frumpy items, we’ll just buy them ourselves. The best gifts are the ones we secretly want but would never buy ourselves. Think a gift certificate to get a manicure or pedicure, and the time to do it.

How about you? What do you want OR don’t want for Mother’s Day this year…perhaps someone important will be reading your comments!


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