Hello homebodies! We have returned from our trip to the Finger Lakes, we kidnapped grandma too! My kids are loving having her all to themselves and I have to say that I am as well! Jim is away doing a special, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity kind of thing so we had to let him go. Having our Ma here is a good distraction from missing daddy too much. Manny has been telling epic stories via the cell phone to daddy’s patient ears. It’s unbelievable to listen to him carry on a conversation over the phone. Sister girl is getting around everywhere and into everything these days. Not crawling, scooting. On her bum to be exact. She is a bit like a puppy especially when she’s throwing the ball and retrieving it for herself. It’s pretty cute. I didn’t manage to take many decent pictures while we were away. There’s always too much going on to remember to pull out the camera but I am vowing to be better in the future. It was great to see everyone, especially my nephews and niece. Oh, and not to mention the growing bellies on my sister-in-law Sara and baby sister Emily. The next time we’ll be back will be the beginning of June. We’ll celebrate a wedding shower as well as my baby girl’s first birthday. What a year!

Ma is in the process of making my little ones some hooded towels as I write this. Post on that next week with some pics!

Back soon everyone!


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