Project Big(ger) Boy Bed!

I mentioned before Easter that I was working on getting Manny out of his toddler bed and into a twin bed. I wanted to do the project on a shoestring because in typical fashion, we’re pinching pennies. Mission accomplished! I was planning on getting a mattress from my parent’s house, one they were no longer using. Unfortunately, the mattress and boxspring would not fit in our van to bring back from New York to Massachusetts. This meant I would have to buy a new mattress and boxspring. I found a set at BJ’s. $99 for the mattress and $79 for the boxspring. Next purchase, a set of navy blue jersey sheets from Target on sale for $17, and picked out by the Big Boy himself. I bought a lightweight, white cotton blanket from the Christmas Tree Shop for $15. My dad picked up a white bed skirt from the Salvation Army for $2. I was able to use his current pillow sham and quilt, so no extra cash there. On a visit to my brother’s house, I noticed he had a cute twin bed frame in his guest room. When I asked him what he was doing with it, he told me that he was looking to get rid of it and that we could have it. Score! The bed needed to be painted. I started painting this outdoors but the rain today chased me inside to the kitchen.


Headboard after the first coat of paint…

Fortunately I had some high gloss paint leftover from another project so I was able to use the rest to paint the headboard and footboard. Voila, here’s the finished product! Grand total for Manny’s bed upgrade: $222. I’m pretty satisfied with the result and so is he.

I’m still looking for a throw pillow. Maybe something with an animal on it since he loves animals. I think something a little boyish would be good to off set the slightly more feminine looking bed skirt. I never get too hung up on that stuff though. Since he shares the room with Sister Girl, we end up with a mixed bag as far as decor goes.

How about you? Have you done any bargain makeovers lately?


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