Juliana at 1 year old

“For you are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Psalms 139:14

Sister Girl turns 1 year old today! At 1, Juliana is scooting all over the house on her heinie, pulling herself up to stand, saying, Hi Ya, momma, dada, brother, all done, tree, and cheese. She is full of mischief and giggles when she is told “no”. Sister Girl is into everything around the house. She bats her eyes and smiles coyly around boys, especially daddy. She’s a snuggly little bug, and now when she puts her head on my shoulder and I pat her back, she also pats mine. That melts my heart. I can’t imagine this life without her in it, and I don’t know what we ever did before she was part of us.

Tonight we’re celebrating with her favorite thing, ice cream! Her birthday party will be this weekend (more to come on that next week). I made this banner with a photo from each of the past 12 months. We have it hanging over the mantel now and she laughs everytime she looks up at all the pictures.

Happy birthday Juliana Maeve, you are loved!


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