Rainy day cookies and a mermaid

Happy Wednesday! We spent this (mostly) rainy day (mostly) making cookies for my niece’s baptism this Sunday. Manny was my committed sous-chef. They are currently in the freezer until the weekend. I couldn’t finish decorating them for fear they’d get smudged on the drive.

See the towel to the left of the tray? My friend made it. On her loom! She surprised me and sent it to me along with some of the most delicious strawberry jam we have been enjoying for a couple weeks now.

Sister Girl is saying “Hiiiiii” to everyone she sees which, of course, gets her immediate attention. And she loves that. We took a walk around the outdoor shopping center in between rain showers, and after a quick trip to Michael’s for cookie decorating supplies. I ran into the Paper Store to look for something and came across this mermaid that we couldn’t leave without. She’s pretty glitterific and Sister Girl was smitten with her from the minute she saw her. I have to say, there are way more dark haired dolls available now then when I was little. I used to have to hunt high and low for a doll who looked more like me. So I’m a sucker when I see one. Sister Girl will have no shortage of dark haired dollies to love on.

That’s the news this Wednesday! Enjoy the rest of your week.


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