Summer is off to a berry good start!

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the title of this post! We went to Harvey’s Farm in Westborough today to pick our own bluberries, organic blueberries to be exact! For any of you close enough to make it over to Harvey’s, know that the bushes are loaded with ripe and ready berries. The season is early this year, like most everything else so we took advantage of the cooler 70 degree weather and helped ourselves to 3 pounds of blueberry goodness. We could have kept picking and picking but Sister Girl was over the whole sitting in the stroller business so we weighed out and hit the road. I had plans to make something with them, maybe this Blueberry Pound Cake recipe from Yankee Magazine. I made it a few years ago and it was delicious! If the blueberry eating continues at this rate I don’t think we’ll have enough to do anything but eat them plain, but then again, that’s okay too!


3 thoughts on “Summer is off to a berry good start!

  1. Jessica says:

    Ahh can’t wait to go blueberry picking. There is an organic patch right near my house that we pick from each year. We picked 44lbs last year!!! They lasted us the year (yes we eat a lot of blueberries – you know my boys). If you want an AWESOME blueberry buckle recipe I have one for you!!

  2. oh my, the sirens are going off in my head when i see blueberries are ready in MA already!!! that means i need to call my local blueberry farm stat! everything is so early this year. what a blessing to have an organic blueberry farm nearby, looks like you guys got some gems there!

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