The perfect summer day

This summer seems to be all about day trips around here. With no big expensive trip planned to the beach or some other exotic locale, we’re making the most of our own locale. I worked for a couple hours this morning, and headed home. The weather finally cooled down a bit so the AC got turned off, the windows opened. We packed a lunch and we hit the road. We went to one of our favorite day trip spots, Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA. Manny asked me on the way if I knew everything. When I told him that I definitely did not know everything, he quickly informed that he did. It’s good to know one of us does!

Sister Girl led us through the highlight of today’s trip, the vegetable garden. Everything is in full bloom and the garden was filled with white butterflies.

Check out these beauties, but never mind the shadow of my camera over the giant cabbage. The sun was directly overhead and I couldn’t avoid it, but that cabbage was too pretty not to include.

And these little turnips…

Although not every day is perfect, today felt pretty close. And as I sit here, gathering some energy to go cook dinner, sipping some pomegranate lemon aide while both my little ones snooze away from all the fresh air, I pray for more of the same kind of days. More just like this.


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