Summer into Fall

Summer is most definitely coming to a close. We spent Sunday at Old Orchard Beach, Maine with some old friends of ours from Virginia. They are spending a couple weeks at their family’s cottage farther north in Maine and OOB was a good halfway point. We had not been to OOB before but were in for a treat. The beach was absolutely mobbed but we rolled with it and huddled in. Once we were there, it didn’t seem nearly as crowded as it did at first glance. The weather was great. We thoroughly enjoyed the company of our old friends, who we miss dearly. We were 8 in total, and back in the old days, it was just the 4 of us, sans bebes.

After the beach we made our way over to the rides. The grown-ups got a big kick out of watching the little ones. It was a tense moment as Manny measured himself against the ruler, but alas, it was a big YES for almost all of them. The bumper cars will have to wait until next year. Sister Girl was mostly too small for the rides but she did enjoy her first trip on a ferris wheel, and kicked back patiently with her ba ba while the big boys rode motorcycles and Dumbo for awhile.

Sunburned on the beach yesterday, munching the first apples of the season today. I suppose that’s what the end of August is all about. At least summer is going out in style!


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