A brunch for Nishie

We had a great weekend! Our dear friends from Fort Collins, CO were in the Boston area and we were lucky enough to steal them away for a few hours to have a brunch for this sweet boy, Nishan, baby Nishie for short. Is he sweet or what?! The brunch was potluck style. I made The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Baked French Toast, and all I can say is: yum!! Big hit! It was easy, peasy. I put it together  the night before. The only thing I changed up was to use all 1% milk (had it on hand and didn’t feel like going back out to buy whole milk and cream) and I used Challah bread. You must try this recipe!! Happy Monday all!


One thought on “A brunch for Nishie

  1. what a great brunch it was! and so wonderful to catch up with so many dear friends and their children (and the baby in molly’s belly!) — love you all and yes, you must try the french toast recipe!!! yummy! xoxo thanks!!

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