Mini-harvest from a mini garden

It’s a wet Friday here. Since I’ve been reporting on our adventures in gardening this year, I felt the need to post this photo I took earlier in the week.

The lesson is, a mini-garden yields a mini-harvest! Oh well! We did have fun and I do believe we’ve learned a thing or two. One thing I still don’t know, however, is how big “mini” carrots are supposed to be. These were tiny, like the size of my pinky finger. I’ve been watching them all summer and the biggest one never got any bigger then that. The seed packet didn’t indicate how big they would get. Manny ate the tomatoes for lunch. There’s still lots of green ones on our plant but I’m not sure they’ll get red before the frost gets them. We’ll see. Happy rainy Friday everyone!


One thought on “Mini-harvest from a mini garden

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