Raising a daughter

Right now, I’m sitting in a mostly quiet house. Sister Girl is pounding around humming to herself. Every so often she stops to show me something. A bunny. A Dora doll. A truck.  She’s pretty chatty these days. Her language is taking off and it’s fun to hear what she has to say, to see what interests her. We took both kids to church last night. Manny was on best behavior but Sister Girl has been a bit feisty lately. She was mostly quiet and then every so often she couldn’t contain herself and let out a super loud shriek. Multiple people commented on how cute she is (true) but many also commented on her spirit. It’s easy to see she’s full of spunk. It’s one of the many things I love about her. I’m confident that this spirit will get her where she wants to go in life. Chances are it may get her in some trouble too. But at almost 16 months, she’s most definitely making her presence known. Atta girl, Ju Ju.


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