Messy house, gluten free, and Halloween

Things feel busy these days! We had a fantastic anniversary weekend. We were treated to a night out and enjoyed the most delicious Indian food I’ve had in ages, thanks to my in-laws visiting and watching the kids for the night. I’ve returned to 3 full-ish days of work, rather than just mornings. This means increased time for my husband to get more work done, which was much needed. It also means, more time away from my kids and our home. Fortunately we have a fabulous babysitter for my munchkins on the full days, and Jim still gets 1 almost full day with the kids. I’m having mommy guilt but everyone else seems no worse for the wear. They love the sitter and still get a good amount of time with both of us during the week. This schedule seems to be working pretty well overall, although my house may disagree. It’s a mess. I feel like I’m spending the weekends and days off catching up on much neglected housework. I used to do a little bit of cleaning everyday but now the days I spend working all day, I get home and am too pooped out to do much else besides make dinner and get ready for the next day. And speaking of dinner, my husband has realized that he has a gluten sensitivity. Our food world is a bit upside down at the moment as we try to sort all this out. Many of our meals are gluten free naturally, including this chili recipe I made this weekend for visitors—it was so good! Many of our other regular meals are not naturally GF. Like tonight’s dinner, meatloaf, which I tried to adjust. I made it with gluten free bread crumbs and it was a gluten free fail. The major carnivores in this family, Jim and Sister Girl, did not seem to mind the substitution but Manny and I were no fans of the greasiness. Apparently rice bread crumbs don’t soak up the same amount of fat as regular breadcrumbs. How does the saying go? If at first you don’t succeed… I have some more research to do! If any of you GF folks out there have any great recipe suggestions, I would welcome them with open arms! All the cleaning, working, mothering, and GF experimenting have left my kid’s Halloween costumes much neglected. They are both being chickens. This was Manny’s idea. It’s also the first year I’ve made homemade costumes so I’m hoping it goes over well! Pictures to come! Signing off, cluck, cluck.


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