Snow and pumpkin muffins

Well, a Noreaster blew through here last night and left us with 5 or so inches of wet snow. Definitely more than just a little frost on these pumpkins!

I’m home today with the kids and I was craving a baked good. We’re also hosting a playgroup here tomorrow for some of Sister Girl’s buddies so I wanted to have something for the littles to munch on. I can’t remember if I posted on these muffins before but either way they are worth a second look. They’re super easy! Last weekend I grabbed a store-bought pack of mini pumpkin muffins and was totally disappointed. I originally found this recipe over at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. You have to love a recipe that says “mix all ingredients together”.

Pumpkin muffins are no fuss and basically no-fail. Just don’t over bake. We made ours using my beloved mini-muffin pan. I requested one last year for Christmas and since then it has seen many-a-mini-muffin! I find a mini-muffin to be so much tastier than a full sized muffin, although I’m not totally sure why. It may have to do with the muffin to chocolate chip ratio. If you have  chance, give these muffins a try.


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