On a crafty roll!

Once I get going on something, sometimes I can’t stop. I’m my mother’s daughter. I got the diaper bag finished, and the next night I made were these little dolly wipes. I didn’t use a pattern, just looked at one online and guessed based on the size of the diaper bag. I’m hopeless at following patterns but a fabulous eye-baller, at least on easy projects! I used cut squares of blue printed fabric for the play wipes. I put 5 or so inside. All the fabric for this project was stuff I had in my giant bag-o-fabric. I love finding uses for it! Doll stuff is the perfect thing. So I’m still on my roll! This weekend, tonight I cut fabric to make a dolly carry bed, sort of like an all fabric moses basket. I actually bought one for Sister Girl for Christmas but it’s going back to the store because when I took it out of the box, I was totally disappointed in the size. I immediately thought that I could make one of my own. Again, I used all fabric from my own stash. I just need interface to make the sides stand up. I’ll hit the fabric store tomorrow so I can spend some time this weekend sewing. I’m already thinking about doll clothes for my dolls, um, I mean Sister Girl’s dolls….yes, yes, this all for her. Definitely not me. I’m an adult!

Speaking of crafts, at the beginning of next week, I’ll post pics of the stockings I made last year for my kiddos. I’m pretty happy with how they came out so I’d love to share them! How about you, what projects do you have going this year?


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