Homemade Christmas stockings

Since Manny’s first Christmas, I’ve wanted to make homemade stockings. I never got around to it. Then a couple years passed, and it was Sister’s Girl’s first Christmas, and then it was time. I mostly wanted to make homemade stockings because I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, even on awesome sites like Etsy. I loooooove fabric. I love it! And there are so many adorable Christmas prints I thought it would be fun to make fabric stockings. Plus, I sew, I don’t knit, despite my best efforts. I learned a couple years ago to knit but I can’t make it a regular thing for me for some reason. I think I like to sew more. I also LOVE Christmas! Like really love Christmas, like a 5 year old loves Christmas. That feeling has never gone away for me.

Anyway, these were pretty easy. I made both stockings over two days. My very talented and sweet friend Kristin did the embroidery.

These stockings are special to me because they make me think of our first Christmas as a family of four. Do you have special stockings you use each year?


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