Paper stars

I have no shortage of crafty projects to do lately! We had a disrupted night last night with Sister up multiple times for no apparent reason. Two medium coffees from Dunkin and I was on my way! The caffeine has worn off hours and hours ago and I feel my eyes getting heavy BUT had to share this quick, fun, and easy little craft! Instructions¬†here. The only supplies needed were paper, glue or double sided tape, hot glue gun, and a bit of ribbon. This one I made large but I’d love to do a garland of small stars for across the mantle or to gift.

Speaking of gifts…I also finished a double batch of homemade granola today. It’s jarred, tagged and ready to be gifted to some of my friends here. I figured people may have enough cookies and such and that this may be a little different. Post and pics to come! And a reminder, for us all!


Happy 12/12/12!


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