Clear out the clutter

New Year and new energy! Truth be told I’m still working on the energy part. I feel as though I’m still recovering from Christmas. It was a bit of a whirlwind with a couple of sick kiddos and a busy schedule. On my days home, I’m resisting the urge to curl up with a cup of coffee and a blanket. Heck, I’m resisting that urge on the days I work too. Around here we’ve still got some decorations up and we will likely leave them up for a bit longer. It’s sad but also refreshing to put away all the Christmas things. I bought some new pillows the other day in an attempt to lighten up the house a bit. It was also an attempt to curb my desire for some new furniture. Remember my New Year’s resolution to save more money? Ah, yes. Working on it. I’ve been slowly getting the basement in order and now that it’s a usable space, all I can see is the drab old furniture down there. It’s only a playroom so I shouldn’t be so concerned, but it is ugly. We used the basement to entertain some of Manny’s little friends, mostly from school as we celebrated his birthday here at home. Post on that to come. Here’s some Pinterest pics that I’m using to light a fire under me and have inspired me to clear out and get organized this month. Our house is tiny. Cozy, but tiny. Every inch helps.

Source: via Bridget on Pinterest

Source: via Bridget on Pinterest


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