Building a birdhouse

Sorry homebodies, I’ve been absent for a bit. I broke down and upgraded to an iPhone when our contract was up for renewal. I’ve been sucked into it ever since and have neglected this blog in the meantime. That little device is handy but also not great for blogging. It’s nice to be back on the laptop and away from that itty bitty screen. It’s cold here in New England the last few days. I’ve been fighting off a head cold for almost a week. So far, I’m winning the battle so I hope to keep it that way. The midwinter germs are definitely in the air. We’ve been spending lots of time indoors but have managed to get out and about here and there. I’m hoping to get out to the botanical garden this weekend for a little indoor/outdoor scenery. The garden is one of our favorite things to do in warmer seasons but I also love being inside the solariums with all those tropical plants and looking out at the snowy ground. It feels like a little bit of summer smack dab in the middle of winter.

Manny got outside with his Pa, my dad, the weekend my parents visited to build a birdhouse. This was per Manny’s request. My dad was all in and happily dragged a slew of tools up to our house from New York and the two of them set to building. The safety goggles are courtesy of Manny’s toy tool box. Pa is a good sport. My thoughtful little man has been collecting dryer lint and stuffing it in the birdhouse to make a cozy place for the birds to call home. He’s a good boy, and Pa is a good Pa.




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