This girl

Sister Girl is hitting this magical point in her development when her language is just exploding! She is talking all day, to anyone who will listen. In line at the grocery store the other day it went something like this:

Ju Ju to cashier: “Hi!! Hiiiiii! Olives? Olives! Bro Bro, niiiiice! Hair. Nice! Elmo, balloon! Elmo, Minnie Mouse! Hiiiii! Hi! Bye! Bye bye! Love you!”

As a speech pathologist and as her mother, this warms my heart! She’s such a social being. Lately she loves necklaces, being outdoors, baby dolls, Alicia Keys, her yellow monkey boots, and wrestling her brother. She is most definitely full of spunk. Full of life. It is a true joy to be her momma.

100_3378 100_3384 100_3388


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