Dinner in a hurry!

I spent all day Sunday working at my hospital job. I work 1-2 weekend days per month which is a great way for me to keep up my clinical skills working with adults while still enjoying the flexibility of working part time during the week with my little ones in early intervention. I am fortunate enough to enjoy the best of both worlds by working part time. For our family, it works. It’s just enough time for me professionally and although there are times I wish I was home more, I’m usually happy to be at work, and then happy to return home. But some days are harder than others. Like tonight! Both of my kiddos were demanding lots of attention. Daddy games weren’t cutting it. They both have runny noses and we’re feeling like they needed extra hugs and holding after being away all day. And they deserve it. But dinner! Dinner must be made and my husband is many things, but a cook he is not. I had stir fry on the menu. It did eventually come together but I learned my lesson that a meal heavy on the prep time is not a good idea for a Tuesday night in this house. I make a weekly menu and did think of that as I put it up. But the broccoli in the fridge was begging to be made. It got me thinking…what are my go to, make in a hurry dinners? I’ve been reading and loving one of my new favorite cookbooks Dinner: A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach. This book is a gem! It’s absolutely perfect for all levels. I wrote her an email to let her know just how much I liked the book and she very sweetly wrote me back. Jenny writes beautifully and the photography is brilliant. I made this recipe for Baked Chicken with Tomatoes and Cheese¬†Friday night for our friends. I served it over bow tie pasta. It was delicious and will be making a return appearance soon. I’m going to post a few tried and true quick recipes over the next week. In the mean time, check out Jenny’s book and blog! And tell me, what are your favorite go to weeknight meals?


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