Catching up and surviving the winter

We’re home this morning coming down from a Valentine’s sugar high and catching our breath from a busy week. Manny woke up this morning with a slight fever so we’re in for the day. He’s fine, but a little grumpy. It gives me a chance to catch up on this little blog and have a cup of coffee on the couch.

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We beat the major snow last weekend here in New England and went to NY (for semi-major snow) to celebrate my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary! It was a lot of fun to get all the cousins together. I took these pictures before the almost 3 feet of snow fell last weekend. Manny got outside to hang his birdhouse. We got it up just in time to give some birdies a warm(er) and dry(er) place to ride out the storm. We made these bird feeders using this recipe but I have yet to see a bird take any yet. The snowy tree pic is from my parents house. Those are very old lilac trees and one of my favorite things to see in full bloom in the late spring. The birdhouse and the trees are a reminder that spring is coming! We’re itching for some outside playtime and trips to our favorite farm. And yes, even farther off, the beach! The beach!! Sigh. Until then, it’s baking and crafts, playdough and tricycles in the basement and the occasional warm day outside for our sanity. We’ll get there!

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