Whatever gets you through


Well that little fever Manny had last week turned into a full blown virus which spread to Sister Girl and then to my husband. I hesitate to say it, but I was spared and hope to keep it that way. I’ve been popping Airborne’s like it’s my job. But my job this week was full time momma and caretaker, wiping noses, taking temperatures, trying to ignore all the things that need to be cleaned and organized, and keeping my kids from climbing the walls. It’s no fun being sick and poor things really had it bad. They are each on the mend and only residual grumpiness (the kids, yes, the kids NOT ME!) and some coughing remain. One particularly tiresome day this week I stumbled upon this post by Awesomely Awake, A Love Letter to Mothers Everywhere. Funny how God always gives you just what you need! I know it’s something I’ll return to again and again. Maybe it’s what you need too. We’re taking it day by day and I’m trying to remind myself that these moments are short lived. These faces won’t stay little and they won’t always need their noses wiped. I will drink it up while I can.


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