Daylight savings: A parental trade-off


This morning I’m lifting the eyelids with toothpicks, but this coffee sure tastes good! Daylight savings, you get us every time! I stayed up WAY too late watching Justin Timberlake on SNL. What? I’m not ashamed, I love him. Earlier in the night after dinner, both kids asked for frozen yogurt and I was happy to take them since I love it too. They stayed up late, and I foolishly thought they would sleep in. When, WHEN, will I learn? There was one glorious day over Christmas vacation the year before last when both of my children gave me the greatest gift of all, an extra 1 1/2 hours of sleep. It was magical. And it has not happened again since. But “spring ahead” is a trade off for parents everywhere. Your kids are miserable for a couple days, a week, in exchange for some more daylight and the opportunity to do more outside. First we have to get this snow to melt, but then, yes, more outside!! We blew bubbles on our front porch yesterday because the sun was shining and we were all a little squirrelly. We’re getting there! It may be a few moments of grumpy children and maybe a few more grumpy momma moments, but we’re getting there.

p.s. New blog format, what do you think?


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