Spring skirt for Sister Girl

I’ve had this tutorial from Made pinned for awhile. This weekend I was bit by the sewing bug. So in between a trip to the Ecotarium on Saturday and an Easter egg hunt on Sunday, I whipped up this little skirt for Sister Girl.


It is as promised, super easy and fast. I can see making a bunch in lots of different fabrics. I used a floral with bright colors. I’ve been so into florals lately! I also picked up a few other fabrics that I haven’t quite decided what to do with yet so I’ll keep you posted on what else strikes me over the next couple weeks. This skirt is lightweight and since it’s still just too darn cold for bare legs here in New England, we put a pair of cable knit leggings on under it. She’s being cheeky sitting in the rocking chair in this pic so you can’t totally see the skirt. We’ll make the fashion debut on Wednesday at her music class so maybe I can snap a better picture then. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening, homebodies!



5 thoughts on “Spring skirt for Sister Girl

  1. I love that floral, and I thought it looked a little like a Liberty as well! Just a Joann’s. We have a snow day today so I’m hoping to do some more sewing later.

  2. hi there, that is a cute little skirt and the fabric is adorable… gotta love joann’s although i wish there was an independent little fabric store near us but sadly, not. thanks for finding my blog and leaving a comment recently.

  3. Thanks Claire! I wish we had a great independent fabric store nearby as well. Thankfully we get to travel around New England some and I try to make a point to stop at them whenever I can. Thanks for stopping by!

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