Snow? Sew what!

Tuesday dumped more snow on us weary New Englanders. Sigh. I hate to complain but I’ve had just about enough of the white stuff for one year. I’m always happy to see it come winter, and even happier to see it go come spring. And spring is here so let’s just get on with it already! I decided to make a bigger version of the tote I made for Manny at Christmas time. This time in a navy blue and white chevron. It was a steal at 4.99 a yard, and another 20% off. I’m pretty happy with how it came out and it holds all of his vast animal collection. After it was finished, Sister walked around saying “Ju Ju bin!”. I guess I know what I’m making next.


This week we’re wrapping up our winter activities, soccer for Manny and music class for Sister. Everyone has enjoyed doing these classes but we’re longing for spring excursions and a more free schedule to head off wherever the day may take us. We’ll get there! Happy Friday all!


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