This moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by Amanda at SouleMama.


Teaching my kids to pray

securedownload-1Rough week here in Massachusetts and no doubt across the country as well. My heart aches for the lives lost. I cannot get all those who were injured out of my mind. The pictures online and on tv are a constant reminder. I’ve attempted to shelter my children from the horrors of last week that are heavy on the minds of the adults in this house. What to do? Since becoming a mother over 4 years ago, I have become increasingly reliant on something my own mother taught me as a small child: prayer. My mother prayed openly with us as children. We didn’t do bedtime prayers in a formal way, but every morning before we left for school we paused for a few minutes to pray. She told me many more years later, that it was her way to deal with anxiety she had as I, her oldest child, went off to kindergarten. In my role as a parent, teaching my own children to pray is something I take very seriously. In the past few weeks, both of my kids have become very interested and active participants in our prayer routines. I do believe prayer is something that can and should be done in any form a person feels is right for them. For us, we started with a simple grace at dinner last year that both kids are now able to do. If someone forgets, Manny quickly reminds us. At night, we do bedtime prayers. Over time, the prayer has emerged into a time for us to thank God for the day, the chance to play, for protection through the night and next day, for all those we love, for each other, and for any thing on our hearts. It’s my favorite part of the day. A chance to come together and rest our bodies and our minds, even for just 5 minutes before bed. These two simple set times in our day to pray have become a very important ritual for our family. I feel it has given my kids a way to talk to God and to pray openly with one another. It is my great hope that it is something which will continue with them throughout their lives, growing and changing to meet their needs. I will continue to pray for all those affected by the events in Boston this week.


Daylight savings: A parental trade-off


This morning I’m lifting the eyelids with toothpicks, but this coffee sure tastes good!¬†Daylight savings, you get us every time! I stayed up WAY too late watching Justin Timberlake on SNL. What? I’m not ashamed, I love him. Earlier in the night after dinner, both kids asked for frozen yogurt and I was happy to take them since I love it too. They stayed up late, and I foolishly thought they would sleep in. When, WHEN, will I learn? There was one glorious day over Christmas vacation the year before last when both of my children gave me the greatest gift of all, an extra 1 1/2 hours of sleep. It was magical. And it has not happened again since. But “spring ahead” is a trade off for parents everywhere. Your kids are miserable for a couple days, a week, in exchange for some more daylight and the opportunity to do more outside. First we have to get this snow to melt, but then, yes, more outside!! We blew bubbles on our front porch yesterday because the sun was shining and we were all a little squirrelly. We’re getting there! It may be a few moments of grumpy children and maybe a few more grumpy momma moments, but we’re getting there.

p.s. New blog format, what do you think?


One year of Home Cozy

Monday marked one year on this little blog! Pretty exciting for me who started this not sure where it would end up going. It’s been a year of highlighting the daily routines of my family. Stopping to enjoy the moments. Remembering to take pictures, also forgetting to take pictures because we were just too wrapped up in what we were doing. One year of cooking. One year of crafting. This blog has allowed me to slow down and reflect on the most important things in my life. Savor each and every memory, even on the crazy days. I hope to continue this year, looking forward to what is to come for this family. Nothing too fancy, but everything with a lot of love. Thanks for coming along on our journey!



Whatever gets you through


Well that little fever Manny had last week turned into a full blown virus which spread to Sister Girl and then to my husband. I hesitate to say it, but I was spared and hope to keep it that way. I’ve been popping Airborne’s like it’s my job. But my job this week was full time momma and caretaker, wiping noses, taking temperatures, trying to ignore all the things that need to be cleaned and organized, and keeping my kids from climbing the walls. It’s no fun being sick and poor things really had it bad. They are each on the mend and only residual grumpiness (the kids, yes, the kids NOT ME!) and some coughing remain. One particularly tiresome day this week I stumbled upon this post by Awesomely Awake, A Love Letter to Mothers Everywhere. Funny how God always gives you just what you need! I know it’s something I’ll return to again and again. Maybe it’s what you need too. We’re taking it day by day and I’m trying to remind myself that these moments are short lived. These faces won’t stay little and they won’t always need their noses wiped. I will drink it up while I can.